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R Box AZ Custom Motorcycle Trunks

R Box LLC provides motorcycle trunks that are designed for use on police motorcycles.  The "R Box" is a functional, customizable trunk to accommodate the needs of all departments. We sell a fiberglass and gel coat trunk that comes in black or white standard.  The trunk can also be custom painted in two tone or a  departments color.  The trunk is weather resistant and holds all types of radio and other equipment used daily by an officer.  It is also lockable to secure any items inside. The inside of the standard trunk is open in the front with a storage area in the rear.  This open configuration allows easy access to all equipment for servicing. The entire interior can be enclosed or storage areas added depending on the need of the officer and departments.  The outside of the trunk is designed to fit the Honda ST 1300 and follow the natural line of the bike.  Most common emergency lights can be mounted on the outside of the trunk on the sides and rear.  The rear is designed to mount lights at an angle for better visibility of the bike and officer on a scene.  We have used tension hinges to endure the rigors of use, they can also be tightened to hold the lid in an upright position eliminating a tether on the lid.  All hardware on the trunk is stainless steel or molded plastic that will stand up to all weather conditions.  We enjoy the feedback from officers that use our product and will continue to try to accommodate as many of these ideas in the later generations as we can.  Our product comes with a lifetime warranty from manufacturing defects. 

We are proud to provide the men and women in law enforcement a product that can be used to make their job easier and a bit more convenient.  Our product has been used by departments in all types of weather from the extreme heat of the Southwest to the wet climates of the Pacific Northwest.

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